Semi Permanent Mascara and Lash Lift Application

Now introducing our semi permanent mascara, and our fabulous lash lifting technique. Tired of always applying mascara every morning? Throw away the lash curler. Imagine you had the effect of curled lashes, without ever having to curl them?

With our new lash lifting technique, your lashes stay lifted for a few months. Giving you fuller, longer looking lashes naturally.

After an application of our semi permanent mascara, those lifted lashes are darker, look thicker, and give the effect of newly applied mascara, everyday. Instead of applying your mascara daily , once a month you would have an appointment with one of our amazing lash technicians to apply a new coat.

Our application technique, and products that we use are Health Canada approved, and FDA approved.

All of our lash technicians are certified and trained in the art of lash lifting and semi permanent mascara application.

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