Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

Natural Powder Brow$450
Natural Hair stroke Brow$500
Natural Combination Brow$550
Top Eyelash Enhancement $300
Bottom Eyelash Enhancement$200
Top and Bottom Eyelash Enhancement$400
Top and Bottom Traditional Eyeliner$500
Bottom Traditional Eyeliner Only$200
Top Traditional Eyeliner Only$350
Natural Lip Shading$600
Beauty Mark$75

All prices include a touch up appointment 6-8 weeks after initial appointment

Consultations can be done over the phone if you are traveling from out of town/province/country.

You can also email photos to MOTORCITYTATTS@HOTMAIL.COM . During the appointment, we can discuss any questions you may have prior to the procedure.

Procedure Deposit Fee (non-refundable) - $50

Touch-Up Fees (by Lorena Welsh)

1st touch up within 8 weeks of original appt FREE

$150 Up to 1 1/2-2 years

$250 After 2 Years

$Full Price after 3 Years (subject to change)