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I had a family coat of arms tattoo done quite a few years ago elsewhere that I was never completely happy with. After settling with it for quite a long time I decided it was time to get it lasered and redone. I was recommended to MotorCityTattoos as one of the best places to go for laser removal. The consult explained the whole lasering process and was very informative. Lorenas assessment on the number of sessions was bang on, and I was able to get my first laser session right afterwards. For me it felt like getting whipped with elastics hundred of times a minute, then later on feeling like a sunburn.

Lorena was awesome to deal with over the course of my seven sessions, and the staff were great by calling me in advance reminding me of my upcoming appointments. I'm stoked with how it turned out! Hopefully I never have another tattoo I'm unhappy with, but if I ever do I'll definitely come back to MotorCity.


I have been going for laser hair removal and it has been amazing. The facility is super clean and the equipment is top quality and kept in fantastic shape. After the first treatment I could already see a difference. Lorena is so fantastic. They really listen to what your desires are and only recommend the best treatments and after care. I will be continuing my treatments and getting other laser work done as well. Highly recommended.

Jenn Hurley- Cairns

So I just had my second laser treatment for facial acne. I am so happy that I made this decision! I have had terrible acne-prone skin since I was nine years old, and I'm now 26. I have done everything to try to clear my skin, including using proactive, seeing my doctor for prescription gels, I've tried changing my diet, but nothing has worked for me until now... even after my first treatment, my face felt smoother and my blemishes were less redder than usual.

I no longer feel the need to cake on cover-up and foundations before I leave the house!! I've been going out without even wearing it, and I feel confident about myself! After my second treatment, my face is looking more smooth and it feels very clean. I cannot wait to continue with my laser acne treatments, as it is boosting my confidence and it's making me feel more beautiful about myself. I'm so excited to start the acne scar removal as well.

I love Lorena; she so nice and very professional. She makes you feel like you're part of the Motor City family, not just a customer. I would definitely recommend to anybody to go to Lorena at Motor City Laser and Spa!! You will not regret it!!!

Elisha Kaddatz

Hi Lorena,

I had very successful tattoo removal with Lorena. The service was excellent and efficient. Safety and cleanliness were always paramount and I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way through the process. I am very satisfied with the results that I obtained and would highly recommend Lorena to everyone who is thinking of removing their ink!

Thanks Lorena!